8 August, 2011

I could have been popular

I was new to my school in 9th grade. A few weeks into the school year, I was hanging out in the cafeteria after school with the one friend I had made, waiting for my dad to pick me up. I decided to get a snack, and left my friend to check out the vending machines. 

As I was standing there, this dude appeared out of nowhere and started talking to me. 



"Are you new?"


"What grade are you in?"


"Me too. Do you have a boyfriend?"


"Can I be your boyfriend?"


Then he just gave me this weird surprised look walked away back to his friends, who I assumed had dared him to do that as a joke and to make fun of me. The weird part is, he never once made eye contact with me again the rest of High School, like, on purpose. 

I found out after the fact that he was “popular.”  Think how different my life could have been!  I would have probably made friends with the dance team and been in on that whole dye the top of your head blonde and the hair underneath black craze, and whatever else “popular” kids did in High School from 1998 to 2002. OR I could have been that homely girl that the “popular” girls gave a makeover to and my popularity becomes more than theirs, launching me to the uppermost echelons of High School society. 

I don’t actually reminisce and say to myself “what if…” about that dude. I just remembered this story the other day, and can’t even look him up because I don’t remember his name.