28 June, 2012

__+ oga


My coworker went to Stroga last night - which is a combination strength +  yoga. This got me thinking of other fun combinations of something with yoga. 

Except I got stuck on Broga - yoga for dudes. 

Other ideas? 

  • Slowga. For those who find the usual peaceful pace a little frantic. (Also a fairly useful Final Fantasy spell.) (mariatatuada)
  • Froyoga? Yoga with a tasty snack. (northofseekwill)
  • Drinking + Yoga = Droga ( cannelledusoleil )
  • Jelloga (do I need to explain?)
  • Flowga - yoga while peeing?
  • Blowga - yoga with fans? or while blowing bubbles? chewing bubble gum?